Closeup of a man on a telephone
A rowing boat on a pile of stones An old man on a street corner Silhouettes of birds flying in a cloudy sky A pole acrobat A rowing boat on a pile of stones Vehicle racks in the ground in front of blocks of flats Sailing boat silhouetted against the setting sun An old woman working in a market stall A person silhouetted by the light from a streetlight A looking at his reflection in a broken piece of mirror A single tree in a field
Streetlights against a red cloudy sky


I'm Kasper, a Polish-born, UK based filmmaker,

photographer &

visual artist.

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Illustration of Kasper Zak

I'm currently developing a series of animations and am open to collaborations and ideas. Just get in touch below.

Woman pole dancing in a studio Older woman selling baked goods from a market stall A lone man seated in front of rows of seats in a arena
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Hey! Let's collaborate and make something cool...